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Yes. Based on the film that is chosen, a properly selected film will offers tremendous heat reduction. You can still maintain your beautiful view while at the same time creating a room that is much cooler and more comfortable.
Yes. Our films do block out 99% of the damaging UV Rays from the sun to avoid fading for your furtiture, rugs, pictures, floors and valuables.
NO. Unlike other products on the market, our films use a dry adhesive system. This allows for an optically perfect film that enhances your view, not impairs it. Based on the film you select, it may be impossible to tell visually that the film was even installed.
No. With a properly selected film by our tint specialist, your windows are safe. All installers follow factory recommendations on film-to-glass chart to avoid this issue. When this is done, the likelihood of breakage is minimal.
By using films with a dry adhesive system, you can continue to use the same household cleaners you have always used. Alcohol and ammonia-based cleaners do not affect our films, And with our scratch-resistant coating, cleaning is safe and easy.
There is a lifetime warranty on residential installations and a 10-year warranty on commercial installations. Our manufacturers warranty against bubbling, cracking, delaminating, crazing or peeling for the specified period all are covered to give you a piece of mind.

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