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Commercial Tinting

The Tint Team has tinted several of Commercial buildings and offices over the years. For business owners, there isn't nothing better than improving your business and saving money at the same time. Window Tinting is one of the most unheard of ways to improve your workplace. The Tint Team has helped thousands of businesses create a much more productive workplace by 18% from glare on computer screens and also blocking the heat to make the staff comfortable while working. We are not focused on selling you a product, instead our goal is to properly educate you about the benefits and help you make an educated purchase. From the moment The Tint Team arrived at your office or building, we pride our self to learn about your specific request. Weather it is for heat, glare, or design we will help you find the most cost effective way to help you benefit and not sacrifice quality.

Many pediatricians, cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other business owners have installed window film from The Tint Team to protect their employees, facility, and clients. Window Tint is a fast return on investments averaging 3 years or less payback. Window film is a smart investment.

how will I benefit from window tint

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